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The Produce8 Partner Center & Referral Program

Use Produce8's Partner Center to earn rewards for referring your clients and partners.

Earn rewards when your partners purchase a Produce8 subscription while helping them leverage the power of Produce8 to create space for great work!

Note that the Partner Center is available on our PRO tier.  For more information on our subscription tiers, see our pricing page .


  1. The Produce8 Referral Program
    1. How it works
    2. Partner Enablement Resources
  2. The Produce8 Partner Center
    1. Generating Referral Codes
    2. Sharing Referral Codes
    3. Managing Referral Codes
    4. Removing Referal Codes
  3. Referral Rewards and Partner Center Terms & Conditions

Produce8's Referral Program

How It Works

1. Create your own unique referral code and share it with your network, partners, and clients.

2.Make an introduction by submitting our referral form and we'll take it from there! They'll get the VIP treatment–our team will reach out to them, take the time to understand your partner's needs and ensure that they're fully supported as they started with Produce8. 

3. Get paid 20% lifetime commission whenever someone signs up for a paid plan with your referral code.

Partner Enablement Resources

Download or Bookmark Our Referral Program Resources

Referral Program Overview 1-pager

Referral Form

How to talk about Produce8 with your network

We're eager to talk to your network to get into detail about Produce8's value and differentiators–all you need to do is submit the referral and we'll get in touch.  But if your clients and partners want to know more before they get in touch, then we've included a few talking points on our 1-pager (linked above).  You can also recommend that they check out our website, produce8.com to learn more.

The Produce8 Partner Center

The Partner Center is located on the Company Account settings page of any Produce8 PRO account.  To access:

  1. Log into your Produce8 Account
  2. Click your name in the top right hand corner
  3. Select Company Account
Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 9.01.41 AM

Generating Your Referral Code

Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 1.51.51 PM

Create your own unique a referral code from the Company Account settings page:
  1. Select Create a New Partner Code on the left hand side
  2. Add your code. The code has to be between 5-20 characters with no spaces or special  characters.  
  3. Click Save Changes
  4. Click the copy icon next to your newly created code so that you can send it out.

Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 2.51.19 PM

Sharing Referral Codes 

Once you've generated a referral code, you can share it via email or direct message so that the account that you're referring can add it to Produce8 when they sign up or upgrade to Produce8 PRO.

You'll see your list of available codes under YOUR PARTNER CODE:


Editing Referral Codes 

Account Owners and Admins can edit referral codes from the Partner Center by:

  1. Click the ellipses icon (...)  next to the referral code you wish to edit
  2. Select Change Partner Code
  3. Enter your new Partner Code
  4. Select Save Changes
And you're done! You will now have a new Partner Link to share out to your referrals. For existing referrals, the new code will show up in all referred accounts.

Disabling Referral Codes 

Account Owners and Admins can also disable Referral Codes by following these steps from the Partner Center:

  1. Click the ellipses icon (...)  next to the referral code you wish to remove
  2. Select Yes, Disable the Partner Code
  3. The referral code should now say Disabled and will no longer be valid for generating any rewards.

Referral Rewards and Partner Center Terms & Conditions

For more information on referral rewards, please see our Terms of Service or contact us.