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Roles & Permissions within Produce8

There are different roles & permissions for users within Produce8. You can understand the difference between a User, Admin & Owner below.

It is important to make sure that all team members have the correct level of permissions to effectively manage your Produce8 account.

1. Global User Permissions

2. Shared Workspace User Permissions


Roles & Permissions of Users within the Produce8 Web App

Within the Produce8 Web App, every account will have 3 levels of permissions; User, Admin & Owner. The table below outlines how each different permission level affects what each role can do: 

  User Admin Owner
Add Account-level Integration  
Delete account    
View Existing Apps and Subscriptions
Invite Account User  
View All Teams  
Deactivate Other Users  
Deactivate Own User Account
View Inactive/Pending Users in Account  
Delete Pending Account  
Promote/Demote Admin  
Create, Promote & Delete Owner     ✅ (Must be one at all time)
View Team Data (without Team Workspace)      



Roles & Permissions within a Shared Workspace

When inviting your team members to your Shared Workspace, you will be asked to assign them a level of permissions.

Use the table below to understand the permissions that you should assign to each member:

  Team Member Team Lead Team Owner
Can assign team owner?    
Can invite team member?  
Can invite team member to account?  
Can delete team owner?     ✅ (One owner must exist at all times)
Can promote team member to owner?    
Can demote owner to lead?    
Can promote team member to lead?  
Can view team?
Can view team data?
Can delete team?    
Can create subscriptions & team subscriptions?  
Can leave team?