Personal Insights: The Top Apps Report

A guide to understanding digital work patterns with your Top App summary.

How It Works

The Top Apps report offers valuable insights into your digital work patterns by displaying your time spent in your top 5 most frequently used apps on a specific date or within a date range as well the total time spent in App. 

Your Top Viewed Apps-2

If you click into an individual App within your Top Apps, you can see a Daily & Weekly trend. This will tell you how long you have spent on the App, what your average is and your all time high (both weekly and daily). You can also see the same info for Interactions & Average Duration. You will also see the Heatmap which will show you how you use your work applications on an average day over a specific period of time between 1 week and 3 months which select below the chart.

Screenshot 2024-05-10 at 10.54.57 AM

If Zoom, Slack, or Microsoft Teams is one of your Top Apps, you can view the time you spent in Calls by selecting the Calls tab. You can switch between Time in Calls, Call Interactions, and Avg Call Duration. 

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  • Time Zones: Each person's daily totals are calculated based on their profile's Time Zone.
  • Minimum Activity:  If your total activity across all of the Apps that you're connected to is less than 30 mins combined, then no Top Apps report will be generated.


Where To Find Your Top Apps Report

You can access your Top Apps report  in two places:

In the Produce8 Web App

You’ll see your daily Top Apps when you first log in to Produce8.

You can use the date picker on your homepage to select the date, or range of dates, that you wish to see the data for.

Date Picker-1

In Your Email Inbox 

Each morning we'll send your Top Apps summary from the previous day to your email inbox so that you can get a high-level look at the day while it’s still fresh in your mind. 

We recommend taking a moment to review it each morning and compare how you spent your time with how you’d expected the day to go.

In order to ensure that you receive this report, follow these steps:

  • Log into your Produce8 Web Account
  • Click on your name in the top right hand corner, then select My Profile
  • Select Notification Settings
  • Make sure that the 'When my Yesterday Recap is Ready' is toggled on (see below)
Daily Report Settings

Actionable Insights

The Top Apps report gives you an overview of your day and how you spend your time. You can understand which applications you rely on the most. This information is important for identifying trends and distractions. It also helps finding opportunities to carve out time from less important tasks and habits in order to create space to focus on your most important work while ensuring that your efforts are sustainable and healthy.

You should ask questions such as:

  • Did I spend my day the way I’d expected or intended?
  • Are these the Apps that help me do my best work? 
  • Are there Apps that I am using too much that are distracting me (like meetings or messaging)?
  • Are there Apps that I should be using more/less? If so, what can I do to make this happen?
  • How did the day feel? And what impact did your app usage have on it?