Personal Insights: Focus Score, and Digital Intensity | Time Breakdown

Discover your private daily Personal Insights and Time Breakdown to gain a deeper understanding of what work looks like for you.

Your daily Personal Insights are designed to help you understand your work habits, identify problems, make change, and recover time back. These metrics are exclusively for your eyes, ensuring your privacy and offer valuable insights into your routine. 

What Are Personal Insights?

These insights are daily metrics, tailored specifically to you and visible only to you, that provide a personalized snapshot of your day. They are categorized into two groups:

  • Time Breakdown: Digital Working Hours, Time In Apps, Time In Calls, and Time In Meetings
  • Daily Insights: Focus Score, and Digital Intensity

Personal Insights | Time Breakdown
You’ll find them on your homepage in the Produce8 web app. And each morning we'll send your Personal Insights summary from the previous day via email so that you can get a high-level look at the day while it’s still fresh in your mind. We recommend taking a moment to review it each morning and comparing these insights with how the day felt and how you’d expected the day to go.

You can click into these Personal Insights to gain an understanding of trends as well. Below you can see that there are both Daily & Weekly trend graphs for these insights. Here you can see your Personal Insights for the week/day, your weekly/daily average and your all time high. It will show you a trend across previous days or weeks as well. 

By clicking into Time In Meetings you can see the sum total of Focus Time, Internal Meetings, and External Meetings. You can see your Time In Meetings for the day/week, your weekly/daily average and your all time high. 
Time In Meetings Insight

To see Time In Meetings you must have your Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook integration set up. 

Why Do They Matter?

Personal Insights allow you to make sense of all the data generated by your daily activities. Instead of overwhelming you with information, these insights distill your activity into 5 key metrics to help you understand your patterns and behaviours.

Produce8 can't tell you whether you had a “good” or “bad” day. You already know that. But over time, you can use these insights to identify why a day felt good, productive, and balanced by seeing what those days have in common. You’ll be better able to design your days to promote feeling your best and doing your best work by:

  • Tracking patterns and trends over time
  • Seeing the impacts of changes to workflows
  • Making progress towards goals (like creating space for more focus or ensuring that your efforts are sustainable)

Every day brings new experiences. Personal Insights help you track patterns and trends over time. By observing how your metrics fluctuate, you gain valuable insights into your habits and can make informed adjustments to optimize your routine.

Anatomy Of Personal Insights

Each of the Personal Insight metrics provided has additional context to help you understand your workday. In addition to each metric, you'll also see:

Digital Working Hours Tile

In addition to the current value, you'll also see:

  1. Your AVG value for this metric on the bottom left.
  2. The % displayed is the amount of change from your AVG.
  3. Your MAX value for this metric on the bottom right.


Time In Meetings Tile 

Your Time In Meetings will vary slightly: 

  1. Your SUM of total Internal and External scheduled events on the bottom left. 
  2. The % displayed is the amount of change from your AVG.
  3. Your AVG time for each event on the bottom right.


How Are They Calculated?

Digital Working Hours 

Keeping track of your working hours is crucial to prevent burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Your Digital Working Hours total reflects the duration of your digital workday, based on your time spent in the  Apps that you’ve connected to Produce8.  Your digital workday starts with your first activity and ends with your last activity in a subscribed App, and also includes gaps of up to 1 hour where you might be on a break, or working/meeting offline. 

If your day has multiple segments of work interrupted by a gap of over 1 hour, we’ll combine the total time of those segments for your daily total.

Time In Apps

Time In Apps is a familiar metric that measures the total duration you spend across all the Apps that you follow with Produce8.  It’s the sum of all activity in your subscribed Apps for the day.

It helps you gauge your overall digital engagement and encourages mindful technology usage.

Time In Calls 

Time In Calls measures the total duration you spend engaged in Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams calls, huddles, and meetings, based on the integrations you have set up.

Understanding your Time In Calls allows you to evaluate your communication patterns and assesses the balance between the time you spend on calls versus the time you spend doing your other work.

Time In Meetings

Time In Meetings shows the amount of time that you have booked in your subscribed calendars  for both external and internal meetings in hours and minutes. Focused time blocks are excluded from this data. 

Understanding your Time In Meetings allows you to assess the extent to which your schedule is occupied by meetings, providing insight into your availability for focused work. 

Focus Score

Focus Score measures the portion (%) of your Digital Workday spent active in your subscribed work Apps in sessions lasting at least 30 seconds.

A higher Focus Score implies fewer distracting micro-interactions and interruptions, thus more opportunity for better focus, enabling you to accomplish tasks efficiently. 

Digital Intensity 

Digital Intensity compares your Time In Apps to your Digital Working Hours to estimate what portion (%) of your workday was spent ‘online’.

Monitoring this score allows you to assess if you're engaging in enough breaks and offline activity throughout the day, all of which are critical for well-being, focus, and creativity.


  • Time Zones: Each person's daily totals are calculated based on their profile's Time Zone.
  • Minimum Activity:  If your total activity across all of the Apps that you're connected to is less than 30 mins combined, then no Personal Insights will be generated for the day.
  • Accuracy: Your personal insights will be more accurate when you connect your Produce8 account to more of the apps that you use everyday for work.  The better data coverage, the better the insights that we can provide.
  • Date Ranges: You can use the date picker to view your historical results, and/or change from a Daily to Weekly summary.